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Rogers Park:

Danbury's Roger Park was outdated and in need of a major overhaul. Cardinal Engineering was hired to redesign and reconstruct and /or demolish, rebuild, and re-install the following - three little league fields with dugouts, benches, and fencing; soccer fields with fencing, goals, bleachers, and benches; eight tennis courts; and a new playground area with tot-lot equipment, a shelter, and parking facilities.

Danbury High School:

At Danbury High School, Cardinal Engineering designed the reconstruction of four tennis courts, complete with new fencing and lighting.

Hatters Park:

This project consisted of the construction of four baseball diamonds and two soccer/football fields. This included the construction of bleachers, benches, parking facilities, and an improved irrigation system.

Kenosia Park:

This project involved the construction of four soccer fields, additional fencing, as well as the as the refurbishment of a beach-side picnic area - including a new concession stand and change house. Additionally, Cardinal facilitated the expansion of a picnic area (through the expansion of the parking lot and the installation of thirty new picnic tables) and the construction of a play-scape. .

Highland Ave Playground:

The enhancement of this playground included the installation of tot-lot equipment and backstops for softball and basketball, as well as the construction of new parking facilities.

Candlewood Park:

This project involved the improvement of the beach area and construction of a new change house and concession stand. It also included the installation of fifty picnic tables and parking facilities.

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