Road Reconstruction

Transportation Cromwell, 2020

Reconstruction of Coles Rd., Cromwell, CT

Coles Road Reconstruction, Cromwell, CT

Cardinal recently completed the design of the complete reconstruction of 3,000 lf of Urban Collector roadway within a dense residential neighborhood which was unsafe for bicyclists and pedestrians with a 24’ width without shoulders or sidewalks. The roadway was widened to a uniform 30’ width with a new sidewalk on the north side. Other improvements included improving a horizontal curve to improve sight lines. The project also included improvements to 6 intersections to increase intersection sight distance and improvements to the Route 3 intersection, which included traffic signal modifications. Additionally, roadway widening required cutting into a steep slope on the south side of the road, the relocation of several driveways, and construction of retaining walls. Cardinal prepared 37 property maps and coordinated the ROW acquisition with the CTDOT.

This project also included the preparation of 26 easement maps and coordination with CTDOT ROW and design of a new storm drainage system to replace the existing inadequate system, installation of underdrains on the south cut side and relocation of gas and water mains, and utility poles throughout the entire length of the road.

Funding for this project was provided by the CTDOT under the LOTCIP Program.

Coles Rd., Inspection
Coles Rd., Inspection
Coles Rd., Inspection