Combined Sewer Seperation New Haven, 2013

City Wide - Combined Sewer Separation Project
New Haven, CT

New Haven CSO Program

In 1980, Cardinal Engineering Associates (Cardinal) prepared a Facility Plan for the City-wide separation of combined sewers. The following alternatives were evaluated:

  • Complete Separation
  • Storage and Treatment at Existing Satellite Plants
  • Additional Interceptors and Treatment

Over the past 25 years, Cardinal has designed and provided complete construction engineering services for eight major CSO projects with a total construction cost of $20 million (2006 dollars). These projects included the construction of some of the major interceptors for the new system in congested areas of downtown New Haven with numerous aging utilities to protect, replace and relocate, and where maintenance of traffic during construction is critical. Nighttime work, pipe jacking, pile foundations and deep sheeted excavations in congested areas were required on many of these projects.


Trumbull Street CSO Phase 1A
Orange Street CSO Phase 1
Orange Street CSO Phase II
Church/Grove Street CSO
Goffe/Sherman Storm Sewer Int.
Sherman Parkway CSO
Elm Street CSO
Haven Street CSO

Approx. Construction Cost (2013)

New Haven CSO
New Haven CSO
New Haven CSO