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Transportation New Britain, 2019

Eddy Glover Boulevard, New Britain, CT

Eddy Glover Boulevard Traffic Safety Improvements, New Britain, CT

Cardinal Engineering Associates provided final design services for the Eddy Glover Boulevard Traffic Safety Improvement Project, a CTDOT Local Road Accident Reduction Program (LRARP) project.

Eddy Glover Boulevard experienced a high number of crashes in the project area. This project simplifies intersection geometry and includes dedicated bicycle lanes to connect existing bicycle lanes recently installed on Eddy Glover Boulevard. These changes are expected to reduce vehicle speeds and minimize conflict points which will improve safety for all road users. Eddy Glover Boulevard is currently a divided highway with high vehicle speeds through a residential neighborhood which intersects with another divided highway, Commonwealth Avenue.

The intersection of these two divided highways creates confusing traffic islands which lack adequate signage and striping. Consequently, the top contributing factors to crashes include speeding and turning maneuvers.

This project eliminates the intersecting divided highways by reconfiguring Eddy Glover Boulevard and Commonwealth Avenue between McClintock Street and Francis Street to a large modified traffic circle. The traffic circle reduces conflict points and normalizes traffic operations on this confusing section of roadway.

Eddie Glover Blvd, New Britain, CT
Eddie Glover Blvd, New Britain, CT
Eddie Glover Blvd, New Britain, CT

Project Completion: 2019 / Project Cost: $800,000