Bridge Replacement

Transportation Coventry, 2021

Folly Lane Bridge

Replacement of the Folly Lane Bridge, Coventry, CT

This project involved the replacement of Folly Lane Bridge over the Skungamaug River in Coventry, CT near the 4th green at Skungamaug River Golf Club. The existing bridge was in poor condition with inadequate deck geometry and hydraulic capacity. The replacement design included modifying the roadway profile and constructing a 50’± span prestressed voided slab superstructure on new abutments to pass the 100-year storm and meet current safety standards.

This project was completed by TradeMark Contractors and was funded under the LOTCIP program.

Folly Lane Bridge Replacement
Folly Lane
Folly Ln Bridge Replacement

Project Completion: 2021 / Project Cost: $1,000,000