Contract Services Cromwell, 2020

Replacement of North Road Extension Bridge, Cromwell CT

Inspection Services, North Road Extension - Bridge Replacement, Cromwell, CT

Cardinal Engineering Associates provided all engineering services for the design of the replacement of this bridge, which is funded under the Federal Local Bridge Program, and is currently providing contract administration and full-time resident engineering services.

The existing 25 foot bridge was built in 1980, and is a twin corrugated metal arch culvert with cast-in-place concrete headwalls and wingwalls. The substructure, wingwalls, and superstructure are proposed to be replaced. A 3-sided Rigid Frame Box Culvert on concrete spread footings is proposed to replace the existing arches. The clear span of the new rigid frame structure is 28 feet. The concrete footings will be set on concrete sub-footings founded on sound bedrock.

The project also includes channel and embankment improvements and the elimination of a stone weir immediately downstream of the project to improve hydraulic conditions. Roadway improvements include maintaining a constant roadway width of 28 feet, construction of a five-foot sidewalk, installation of roadside safety elements and relocation of overhead utilities.

An existing eight-inch gas distribution line and an existing high pressure 36-inch gas transmission line located within the roadway will be supported and protected during construction

North Road Extension Bridge Inspection
North Road Extension Bridge Inspection
North Road Extension Bridge Inspection

Project Completion: 2020 / Project Cost: $2,000,000.