Sewer Extension Deep River, CT

Sewer Extension
Deep River, CT

Kirkland Street

Cardinal completed the design of a 12,000 linear foot sanitary sewer extension project in a residential area adjacent to the Connecticut River, in order to eliminate failing septic systems. Cardinal prepared an Engineering Report and an Environmental Impact Study, and assisted the Town in obtaining funding for this project from the United States Department of Agriculture. The environmental impact report required biological, wetland and archaeological studies.

Three alternative solutions were analyzed: conventional gravity sewers with two (2) pump stations, a low-pressure sewer system, and a septic tank effluent pump (STEP) system and a small diameter gravity sewer system. The selected alternative consists of 12,000 lf. of gravity sewers, two pumping stations and 2,000 lf. of force main. Two duplex non-clog submersible pump stations with a capacity of 200 gallons per minute and standby power will be located on River Street.

Project cost: $4,500,000