Sewer Relocation Fairfield, CT

Sewer Relocation, Fairfield CT

Lower East Interceptor

Cardinal Engineering Associates is currently designing the relocation of the Lower East Interceptor (LEIS) Sewer which conveys approximately 40% of the Town’s wastewater flow (12 MGD) from the eastern portion of Town 2,600 linear feet along Ash Creek to the Wastewater Pollution Control Facility (WPCF).

The Town was concerned that the projected future growth and development will be limited because of the excessive wet weather flow and the limited permitted plant capacity. The purpose of the project is to significantly reduce wet Inflow and Infiltration by relocating the interceptor away from its current location in the swampy area along Ash Creek. The proposed route of approximately 3,000 linear feet moves the interceptor sewer from coastal wetlands and difficult access areas to street rights-of-way with improved access. A portion of the route is located within heavily traveled Post Road (U.S. Route 1).

Project cost: $4,000,000