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Cardinal Engineering understands that when we design a storm water management system for a municipality, we are contributing to the well-being of its future. At one time, storm water management efforts concentrated on controlled drainage, which largely required laying pipe to channel excess water back to rivers and streams. Today we have a better understanding of our natural resources, and are able to do more to sustain and make optimal use of them. As stewards of the community, municipalities are charged with an even greater responsibility to protect the future of this most precious resource. That's where we can help.

Storm water management requires vision beyond the general planning and construction of a project. Economics, operation, maintenance, public awareness, and environmental law all play major parts in the development of the storm water systems that we provide. To ensure you get the best solutions possible , we are committed to your success by keeping up with the latest technologies and the continually evolving body of knowledge that comprises water resource needs and sustainable design.

From watershed characteristics and rainfall frequency to population data and government regulations, you can feel confident that Cardinal's team covers the details necessary to protect our clients now and into the future.

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It is always a pleasure to work with Cardinal's staff on projects. The plans and specifications are developed and designed with care...As a City that has utilized many consulting firms, Cardinal Engineeing Associates has been on of the few that have demonstrated continued services excellence.
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