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Cardinal Engineering was retained by The Town of Hamden to analyze the Route 15 Culvert over the Shepard Brook in Hamden, Connecticut. This hydraulic analysis was prepared in response to ConnDOT comments regarding a previous analysis of the culvert, performed in 2002 by Macchi Engineers for the Town of Hamden. That study recommended increasing the hydraulic capacity of the existing culvert.

Cardinal's hydraulic analysis based on the ConnDOT procedures showed that this structure is adequate for passing the 100-year design flow with 50-year backwater for Mill River, and will have 3.4ft freeboard. The analysis of the culvert without backwater from Mill River, compared to the 100-year design with 50-year backwater, showed that the backwater of Mill River raises the 100-year water surface elevation upstream of Route 15 by approximately four feet.

Based on these hydraulic analyses, Cardinal Engineering determined that the existing Route 15 culvert is hydraulically adequate and does not require additional hydraulic opening to meet the ConnDOT criteria.

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