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In 1980 Cardinal Engineering Associates prepared a Facility Plan for the City's wastewater collection system. The objective was to evaluate the existing combined sewer system in the City of New Haven and develop a facility plan that eliminates the discharge of untreated combined sewage overflows and optimizes the use of existing collection and treatment systems in a feasible and environmentally acceptable manner. EPA (SWMM) was employed to obtain runoff flows and waste loads. Complete Separation, Storage/Treatment at Existing Plants, Storage/Treatment at Satellite Plants,Storage/Additional Interceptor Treatment. After economic analysis of the four alternatives, Complete Separation was selected. The Facility Plan developed by Cardinal which included preliminary design of 120 miles of storm sewers was approved by the State DEP in 1980.

Long Term CSO Control Plan

Cardinal Engineering was part of the team that developed the New Haven Long Term CSO Control Plan. Cardinal performed the field surveys and collected as-built sewer data to prepare mapping for input to the City's GIS and the new hydraulic model. Data from the original SWMM model was also collected for input into the model.

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