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I had the first clip on version of the FitBit (since retired, now this) and I was OBSESSED with it. It truly helped me shed weight and have some accountability to remain moving throughout my day fake patek philippe watches for sale . I lost it on the BART train a handful of months ago and was super super sad. Also, I stopped wanting to get my 10,000 methods within a day, mostly due to the fact if nothing's counting my measures, I believed it was just as fine for me to sit on my ass and consume Cheetos alternatively. That fitness strategy doesn't seem to become exercising, so I'd like a Jawbone UP as a replacement. Why not only get the latest FitBit you ask? Simple. Simply because I believe Jawbone UP is cuter than its FitBit Flex counterpart and I'm vain.

WHAT I'm Pondering OF Getting MY HUSBAND:
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Hi hive! It really is about that time that our parents and SOs are asking us all, "What do you want for Christmas/Hanukkah"

This is going to sound ridiculous, but I've a hard time every year with this stuff. The balance is weird: it really is like, I am an adult now. So if I have to have something, I acquire it. The only factors I covet are kind of ridiculous; issues that are expensive that I wouldn't obtain for myself, and I'd likely not ask for my parents or husband to buy me either. What do I Genuinely want? A Tesla. Or one more Lhasa Apso . Or a Lhasa Apso driving a Tesla. (HINT HINT Rich SANTA. That's WHAT I Truly WANT.)

Anyway...as I navigated the Amazon abyss for sparkly pink iPhone covers, moisture wicking sports bras, and these other things to somehow cobble a list from, I realized that the bees almost certainly have some pretty terrific gift recommendations swiss replica patek philippe . Not only for themselves, but for their SOs and parents, too. A number of years ago Mrs. Lemon encouraged a company referred to as Nudo, where you could adopt an olive tree in Italy as a gift; then they send you four shipments of olive oil from that tree (Really, that tree grove-I imply they're not individually harvesting every single adopted tree. That's just crazy speak.) throughout the year. My in laws believed this was the top gift ever. I believe they even declared it because the ideal present they got that year, ideal in front of their other kids who got them equally thoughtful (but let's face it, lamer) gifts. #winning

So, this officially kicks off a series with the bees' holiday present guides. Every bee will speak about what they're hoping/asking for, what they're considering of receiving their SO, their parents/in laws, and their friends/siblings. Hopefully you'll learn some cool gift concepts in the series!

And with that...Pengy's present guide!

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