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Cardinal Engineering provided design services for the replacement of the East Johnson Avenue Bridge which is a 88’two-span reinforced concrete slab deck unit which traverses the Quinnipiac River

This hydraulically inadequate, scour-critical structure exhibited deck joint deterioration, concrete spalling, and pavement deterioration. A structural stability analysis determined that the center pier of the bridge was unstable under design conditions, with extensive corrosion of the pipe piles.

Scope of Services:Surveying & Mapping | Bridge Design | Hydrology & Hydraulic Analysis | Scour Analysis | Flood Control Studies | Highway Design | Permitting | Utility Coordination | Subsurface Exploration | Easement Mapping | Construction Contract Administration | Resident Engineering

During the preliminary engineering phase, Cardinal determined that a total replacement was the best option for the structure.

Water surface profiles and floodway analysis were required, as the bridge is located within a regulated floodway. Cardinal will obtain State Flood Management Certification as well as Federal and Local Inland Wetland permits for this project.

This project was funded under the Federal Local Bridge Program

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