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In 2015 Cardinal Engineering was selected by the Connecticut Department of Transportation to provide design services for the rehabilitation of the Gold Star Bridge. The Gold Star Bridge is the largest bridge in the State of Connecticut, with a length of 6,000 feet carrying five lanes of Interstate 95 traffic southbound over the Thames River. The bridge, which was constructed in 1973, consists of 13 welded steel multi-girder approach spans, six girder-floor beam-stringer approach spans and 11 steel deck truss main spans. Each span supports a reinforced concrete deck with bituminous overlay.

The purpose of this rehabilitation project is to extend the life of the bridge approximately 15 to 25 years. The scope of services for this project includes developing construction plans for various structural defects, including details for the following.

Scope of Services Include:
  • Repair defective welds and repair superstructure
  • Replace strip seal expansion deck joints
  • Repair modular deck joints
  • Repair bridge drainage system
  • Replace existing overlay and waterproofing membrane
  • Partial/full depth patches in reinforced concrete deck
  • Repair underside of concrete deck
  • Patch substructure concrete and stone masonry
  • Repair metal bridge rail, repair concrete sidewalk
  • Paint removal and painting of superstructure
  • Repair bridge drainage system
  • Replace overhead sign structures
  • Remove and Replace access ladders on pier columns
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