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Cardinal Engineering was hired to design the reconstruction of 3,900 linear feet of Mount Vernon Road "which is classified Minor Urban Arterial with an ADT of 2,300 vehicles". The project, when constructed, will alleviate operational and safety concerns that presently exist. Design improvements include road widening from an average 22-foot width to a uniform 30-foot width. Other design improvements include increasing the radius of a horizontal curve, removal of a sharp vertical crest curve, intersection curb radii improvements, and provisions for clear sight lines at all intersections.

In addition to geometric deficiencies, there were an inadequate number of catch basins, resulting in inadequate interception of runoff with existing hydraulically undersized pipe diameters. Thus, additional catch basins and pipes, having adequate capacity,were included in the design to correct these deficiencies.

Due to roadway widening and other geometric improvements, 90 feet of retaining walls was required reconstruction. Additionally several stonewalls located on private property and within the ROW will also required relocation.

Cardinal Engineering was the prime consultant, provided all engineering services including survey, design, subsurface exploration, pavement design, environmental permitting and easement mapping on this project.

The Connecticut DOT, under the STP Urban program, will provide funding for the project. Completed Design in 2011 and Construction in 2013

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