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Cardinal Engineering provided complete engineering services for the replacement of the West Main Street Bridge, including survey, bridge design, full time contract administration and resident engineering services.

The original 25’ bridge, a concrete-encased steel stringer superstructure supported by concrete abutments and wingwalls was considered scour-critical. The replacement bridge consists of precast concrete deck units on cast in place concrete abutments with a drilled micropile foundation and has a span of 36’.

Scope of Services:Surveying & Mapping | Bridge Design | Hydrology & Hydraulic Analysis | Scour Analysis | Flood Control Studies | Highway Design | Permitting | Utility Coordination | Subsurface Exploration | Easement Mapping | Construction Contract Administration | Resident Engineering

Utility relocations were required including the installation of new water main under the riverbed and a new gas main along the fascia of the bridge. Environmental pollutants in the project area required a remedial management plan. Additional considerations included protection of two buildings located in close proximity to the bridge which required vibration and movement monitoring.

Water surface profiles and floodway analysis was required, as the bridge is located within a regulated floodway. Cardinal obtained State Flood Management Certification as well as Federal and Local Inland Wetland permits for this project.

This project was funded under the Federal Local Bridge Program

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