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Cardinal Engineering provided complete engineering services for the replacement of the West Road Bridge in the Town of Winchester, including survey, design, contract administration, and full-time resident engineering services.

The existing bridge built in late 1920’s consisted of a simple span bridge with cast-in-place concrete deck superstructure on stone masonry abutments. The superstructure was severely deteriorated, with large pieces of concrete missing and exposed rebar at the upstream fascia.

Scope of Services:Surveying & Mapping | Bridge Design | Hydrology & Hydraulic Analysis | Scour Analysis | Flood Control Studies | Highway Design | Permitting | Utility Coordination | Subsurface Exploration | Easement Mapping | Construction Contract Administration | Resident Engineering

Three structure alternatives were studied during the preliminary engineering phase of the project to determine the most cost effective solution for the Town of Winchester.

The selected alternative consisted of a Twin Cell 10’-0” x 7’-0” precast concrete box culvert with precast concrete wingwalls, cutoff walls, and headwalls. The twin cells located within the river to provide for one Low-flow and one High-flow culvert channel.

This project was funded through the State Local Bridge Program. Cardinal obtained the following environmental permits: Army Corps of Engineers CAT II, Winchester Inland Wetland Commission, CTDEEP Fisheries Division concurrence, CTDEEP 401 Water Quality Certification, Winchester Planning and Zoning Commission.

This project was funded under the Federal Local Bridge Program

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